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Schools Partnership programme

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Are you looking for a way to introduce your pupils to a wider perspective on the world?

  • Invite LZ to speak at your school assembly

  • Learn a Zimbabwean song with us

  • Take part in our March for Africa event every September at the Abergavenny Food Festival

  • Build a relationship with a school in rural Zimbabwe through our pen pals scheme

  • Host a fundraising event for LZ

  • Donate books, equipment and clothing to support our initiatives

  • Fundraise or Sponsor repairs and equipment for the Chiminhora Community Centre

  • Sponsor or fundraise for LZ so that we can visit the centre more often

  • Take part in our Zimbabwean cultural events

  • Visit Chinamhora Community centre in Zimbabwe with us

  • Encourage your school leavers to volunteer with us in Zimbabwe when they turn 18


We truly believe that children benefit from learning more about other parts of the world and that once a child builds a relationship with another in a different country we all benefit. We are very keen to work with you to spread our love of Zimbabwean culture and heritage and give you space to share your culture and heritage with the children of Zimbabwe.


Please contact us at to start your school’s journey. We know you won’t regret it.

Martha and the Team

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