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Corporate PArtnership

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Love Zimbabwe in Abergavenny library at the sculpture 'Zimbabwe' created by local artist, Harry Iles, given to celebrate the twinning between Abergavenny Town Council and Domboshawa in 2020.

If your organisation is looking for something worthwhile to sponsor; here we are!

Our community centre in rural Zimbabwe is an anchor institution for the local area. Providing resources, equipment and the training for local people to build better more sustainable lives. Love Zimbabwe exists to raise funds for the amazing initiatives run by the centre.

We can work with you to provide volunteering opportunities for your staff in the UK and in Zimbabwe. We have some incredible women at the Chinamhora Community Centre who would love to share their struggles and their joy with you.

We work mostly with single mothers of disabled children at the centre. They learn practical skills like pattern cutting and sewing, horticulture, animal husbandry so that they can produce items for sale in the local market and in the UK.


If you would like to get involved please contact us on to register your interest.

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