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Connecting Communities and Culture


We work in partnership with Chinamhora Community Centre in Domboshawa, Zimbabwe. Together, we create opportunities for sustainable living by applying a community development approach.

The centre provides training, resources, and equipment to help the community learn, increase food production, and start micro businesses. We encourage independence and sustainable living. Through collaborative community projects focused on education, health, food production, and sanitation, we help the local community to take action to adapt to climate change. To date, we have helped 25 individual artists and 10 cooperatives to sell their fairly traded crafts online.

Additionally, the centre provides a library, facilities for disabled children, and internet access for the community.


our impact


Number of chickens in Chimanhora Community Centre


Number of schools where free reusable sanitary towels were handed out at the end of an address on menstrual health by the local chief Chief Chinamhora


Schools in Wales linked to schools in Zimbabwe to share living experiences


Number of tippy taps installed in Parirehwa community by Love Zimbabwe, funded by the Wales and Africa partnership programme through WCVA in 2020 (Covid response programme)

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